I have been practicing law in the State of California since 1980. In 1993, I began to direct my practice toward assisted reproduction technology law. Since then I have devoted my efforts toward that area of law. As of 2005 my practice has been 100% devoted to helping clients in all areas of assisted reproduction and creating their family. 

I am a member of the Academy of California Family Formation Lawyers and the Academy of California Adoption Lawyers. As such I stay up-to-date on the legal aspects associated with assisted reproduction and adoption. This organization helps to educate the public when it comes to family formation through assisted reproduction and adoption.  I am committed to providing personal, competent, knowledgeable, and most importantly ethical assistance to all of our clients from the beginning stages of family formation.

Our office handles hundreds of cases every year.  For each case I strive to devote my time, energy and effort to ensure every client receives the very best legal counsel throughout the entire process.  I understand discussions about assisted reproduction and family formation are very intimate. I provide a high level of respect and confidentiality for these very personal areas of my clients' lives.

With a thorough understanding of the assisted reproduction process from a legal perspective and a deep compassion for the needs of my clients, I provide the best representation possible for surrogates, perspective parents and donors.

My law practice is located in the City of Brea, in Orange County, California. Our office is freeway close and very convenient for in-office appointments. I am also available for phone or Skype consultations when scheduling and logistics don't allow for an in-person meeting.

Along with my law practice, I have helped raise three children (Ryan, Shauna and Russ). I am extremely thankful for each of my children and very proud of them.  Russ is now an attorney and an associate in our law firm.

If you would like to find out more about how we can assist you with the legal side of assisted reproduction, please contact me by phone at 714-674-9900 or email me at MarkD@WertsLaw.com.